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Emergency HVAC Services Available Your local service provider HVAC experts are ready to respond to your emergency and restore your comfort—fast.

You've made a great investment in the HVAC solution that best works for you and your needs, and when it comes to keeping that investment in a like-new condition, it's important to follow the recommended service schedule offered from Brown's Heating and AC. Complete the form below and we'll make sure your service is 100% on time when you want it.

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Brown's Services
We offer a variety of options for installations, including furnaces, heat pumps, high–efficiency heating systems, ductless mini splits, and even thermostats that save energy and money!
AC / Cooling
We offer installations for a wide selection of high–efficiency air conditioners, and we also offer air conditioning repairs and regular tune–ups.
Service / Maintenance
Our technicians go through years of schooling to best understand the equipment that we install and maintain.
Brown's Heating and AC is the premiere HVAC service provider in Porterville, CA.
Providing HVAC service to thousands of homes for over 30 years.
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Official Coleman Brand Retailer

Rugged. Reliable.
For over a century, the Coleman® name has been a trusted icon in America. Known for rugged dependability and tremendous value, our products stand the test of time. This heritage of quality and durability is crafted into every Coleman® HVAC system that is built according to strict tolerances and rigorous testing. Coleman® HVAC is proud to continue our enduring legacy by providing long-lasting comfort you can count on.

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Peak performance, efficient operation and long-term reliability - that’s what you can expect from Coleman® HVAC. We’re committed to making sure each commercial project achieves its technological and economic objectives. Brown's Heating and AC is your Coleman solution.
A new home comfort system can help reduce your utility bills by giving you the latest and most advanced energy-saving technology. And with proper installation by your Coleman® HVAC Dealer, Brown's Heating and AC, you’ll enjoy more consistent temperature control as well as improved indoor air quality.
Coleman Quality
Coleman® HVAC is proud to have its products recognized for continued advancements in quality, performance, efficiency and reliability.
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