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Furnace Installation and Replacement


The first step in ensuring your home is ready for extreme weather conditions in the winter is to have a high quality heating system installed. That’s why we offer installation services for gas and electric furnaces, as well as thermostat installations or upgrades. It’s best to speak with a Porterville furnace professional when you are in the market for any type of new heating system. If you have questions about what to look for in a new furnace, or you want one of our Porterville heating experts to discuss efficiency ratings on new furnaces, call any time.


For customers in need of a furnace replacement, our Porterville furnace technicians are trained to install a variety of gas and electric furnace models. We offer a number of cost–effective solutions for your furnace replacement needs. Depending on the size of your home and your budget, we will find the right furnace to suit your needs. High–efficiency gas furnaces are a good option if your home has access to natural gas. Electric furnaces also get high efficiency ratings due to the lack of heat loss through ventilation. Whether you are looking for a furnace for a new home or it’s time to replace an older model with a new high–efficiency furnace, call the experts at Brown’s Air Conditioning and Heating.


Brown’s Air Conditioning and Heating offers comprehensive furnace installation services throughout Porterville, CA, including installing the most cost–effective solution for your home. Our certified Porterville heating technicians can install a wide variety of high–efficiency furnaces to suit your budget and heating needs. We also offer a number of other solutions for indoor air quality systems that work with your existing furnace or heating system. Whether your air handler needs to be upgraded or you need a new furnace installed for the first time, call Brown’s Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule service!

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