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History Of Brown's

Welcome to the history of Brown's Heating & AC.

Brown's Heating & AC represents tradition, hard work and commitment. These have been the foundation of which the company has been built on for over 50 years.

That's right, 50 years.

Brown's Heating & AC is an established and recognized company with over 50 years of top-level service to Porterville, California and the surrounding area.

To say Brown's Heating & AC is to say Porterville. That is the life and presence created by a company whose roots extend into 2 generations of Brown's. 

It was this tradition and history that prompted Jeff and Annette Shaw to purchase the company from Orval Brown, who had took the helm in 1985 and helped create one of the most recognizable heating and AC companies around.

With the experience and dedication needed for keeping this rich history alive, Orval is confident he's in good hands as he and Norma can now spend more time together. You'll also get to see Orval around the new Brown's team as he continues to flex his know-how, insight and warm demeanour.

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